Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense SPF50

Did you know that 90% of environmental aging is caused by the sun? That’s 90% people, and that’s a lot. UVB damage only happens in direct sunlight, however UVA radiation can travel through glass and walls and occurs everywhere, at all times of the year.  If you don’t use an SPF facial moisturiser or foundation, now is definitely the time to start. 

I have recently discovered Kiehls’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence which has SPF 50 and protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

 As well as doing its job, the thing that I love most about it is how gentle it is. A lot of SPF facial moisturisers that I have tried have stung my eyes, whether that is due to sensitivity or the fact I wear contacts, I do not know. Maybe it is attributed to both. However, my morning routine used to include washing my face, moisturising, waiting ten minutes until my eyes stopped watering like a teen tiny version of Niagara Falls and then putting on my makeup. Since trying Kiehl’s, this has never happened. It is also very light, meaning it would be suitable for all skin types. For dry skin types, I would recommend using a day cream first for extra hydration. The fact that it is so light also means that you can put your makeup straight on over the top for flawless, hydrated, and protected skin.

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