Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nude Nails

While I’ve never been the most adventurous when it comes to my nails (I keep them short, natural and most of my nail varnishes are varying shades of beige, yawn) I have come across one shade of nude which I love and just wanted to share it here:

Mannequin by American Apparel a pinky nude and paints on so easily, there’s no need for building up colour with what feels like layers and layers of varnish. It’s £9 which is more than I would usually pay for a nail varnish however I feel like the quality makes it worth it. Nude nails made a big appearance on runways for SS13 so I think it’s going to be a big trend, seen on brands such as Daks and The Row and being especially popular in New York and London.

Nude ombré is one of my favourite ways to wear the trend if you want to mix it up a bit, and I totally love the effect here:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sneak Preview of my Personal Shoot

This headpiece features blinged up but 100% real cupcakes!

Here is a little sneak preview of my final project for this term, final images to follow shortly. The shoot is loosely based on a modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette and features the gorgeous Lily modelling and a huge bubblegum pink wig! More to follow

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense SPF50

Did you know that 90% of environmental aging is caused by the sun? That’s 90% people, and that’s a lot. UVB damage only happens in direct sunlight, however UVA radiation can travel through glass and walls and occurs everywhere, at all times of the year.  If you don’t use an SPF facial moisturiser or foundation, now is definitely the time to start. 

I have recently discovered Kiehls’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence which has SPF 50 and protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

 As well as doing its job, the thing that I love most about it is how gentle it is. A lot of SPF facial moisturisers that I have tried have stung my eyes, whether that is due to sensitivity or the fact I wear contacts, I do not know. Maybe it is attributed to both. However, my morning routine used to include washing my face, moisturising, waiting ten minutes until my eyes stopped watering like a teen tiny version of Niagara Falls and then putting on my makeup. Since trying Kiehl’s, this has never happened. It is also very light, meaning it would be suitable for all skin types. For dry skin types, I would recommend using a day cream first for extra hydration. The fact that it is so light also means that you can put your makeup straight on over the top for flawless, hydrated, and protected skin.

Problematic Winter Skin?

With the cold weather literally slapping us across the face every time we step outside these days, taking care of your skin in winter can be problematic.  The constant change between icy wind and stuffy central heating definitely takes its toll. My skin is pretty normal most of the time but in winter, as is common for most people, it does tend to dry out.  My favourite product for combating dull and uncomfortable winter skin is Full of Grace serum bar by Lush cosmetics. 

This butter bar was originally invented for the Lush Spa for giving facials. (it’s a little bit of luxury you can take home with you!) Rub it between your palms and it will melt into fine oil, which you then massage onto your skin. Spend 5 minutes doing this (massage can help stimulate the skin and stop wrinkles) and be cautious with how much you use, start with a little and add more if necessary.

This is actually suitable for all skin types; oily skin types may dismay at putting more oil on your skin, but it absorbs in seconds and the calamine in there actually helps absorb excess oil your skin produces.  I had a serious break out last week, and after a week of using this every night, my blemishes cleared up, fact. Dry skin types could also use this in the morning.

In addition you have sweet almond oil to hydrate and brighten, murumu butter and capuacu butter to moisturise, Portobello mushrooms for their powerful antioxidant qualities and rose to soothe and soften redness and soreness.


Paris Fashion Week 2013


This post is horrendously late (2 months late to be exact) and you’ve probably already read everything you need to know about Paris Fashion Week.  However, when I start something, I see it through, and to round off my other posts about fashion month, here are my beauty favourites for Paris Fashion Week.  Due to university commitments I have neglected this blog a little, however I have turned a corner and plan to post properly again! Enjoy x

Oh...am I to distracted by how gorgeous Cara Delevigne is to write anything about the makeup and hair  at Chanel? Maybe, but I do think that the bold silver eyes and low bun are a perfect wearable evening look and would be easily translated off the catwalk. I love metallic eye makeup, and this really popped on the catwalk.

Marc Jacobs took his graphic aesthetic with retro touches to Paris, and the Louis Vuitton catwalk featured groomed beehives, contoured eyes and strong brows, which also made an appearance at his eponymous label. I think the effect is beautifully feminine, and the hair ribbons gave a girly contrast to the striking collection.

Chloe is one of my favourite fashion houses, and the messy low ponies and bronze eyes look as chic as you would expect.

One thing that stood out for me at Celine was how beautiful the skin was. So natural you could see freckles, and dewy, it looked young and fresh. Personally I’m a bit of a full coverage die-hard and this made even me want to loosen up on the foundation. Light coverage is so much nicer in warmer wearther.

In terms of makeup, Dior was, I think my, favourite look of Paris Fashion Week. I don’t think it even needs an explanation! The eye makeup here is so so beautiful, all I can say is, Pat McGrath, you are a goddess.

Jean Paul Gaultier took us back to the 80s with his collection, so while LFW was all about children of the 90s reliving their childhood, here’s one for the 80s kids. Blue eyeshadow? Check!