Friday, 31 January 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Long Hair, Don't Care

Happy New Year! I do hope you all had a gudden. Guess what my New Year's Resolution was? To get back to blogging, it's been far too long.

First post of the year will be haircare based; as the holiday period can be a bit of a nightmare in terms of damaging your tresses, I thought I'd mention some styling saviours which are both effective at styling AND nourishing long hair. The products that I'll talk about are ones I use personally and I have found to be extremely effective. My hair is quite long now, so keeping it healthy and nourished is definitely a priority.


1) Phyto Subtil Elixir Oil - £24.50

This pre-shampoo treatment oil is absolutely fab at giving your hair back all the nourishment that your styler fried out of it. I've found the best way to use it is to comb it through the legnths of your hair , avoiding the roots (use a lot if you have thick hair, err on the side of caution if your hair is fine). Braid your hair, and leave overnight to give the oil a chance to really soak in and do it's thaang (it won't stain your sheets, don't worry). This does it for me over other oils because it's silicone free, which means it won't weigh your hair down, AND it's also about 96% natural botanical oils. Shampoo out in the morning, follow with a teeny bit of conditioner, et voila.

2) Toni and Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist - £6.30

Heat protection is definitely a must for all hair types, as it not only protects from styling, but also from some environmental stressors. This one is anti-static and detangling to help prevent further damage, and it's a brilliant price point. I use this every time I wash my hair, even if I don't use a heated styler, just to give my hair a bit of extra protection out in the big wide world.

3) Phyto Phytomist - £15

Notice a bit of a theme here?! Phyto really do make great haircare products, and this one I think I have actually written about before. It's a leave in, colour-protecting, detangling conditioner. Spray all through the legnths of your hair while it's still damp, and comb through with a Tangle Teezer or wide toothed comb. I love this because my hair is extremely knotty, as in if I go out without a hairbrush it all kind of turns into a weird dreadlock. Yum. Again, its pretty natural and silicone-free, and so good for glossiness and shine. I'm onto my third bottle now, which is testament to its awesomeness.

4) Blowpro Body by Blow No Crunch Volumising Mousse - £10.99

 I picked this up accidentally in Superdrug because I needed a mousse and it was on offer, and actually I am really quite impressed with it. It basically does what it says on the bottle, which is exactly what I wanted. It feels lovely in your hair, with no residue and no crunchiness, but lots of volume and shine. Plus, it has UV filters to protect your colour and a protein complex to stregnthen. I would definitely repeat buy this.