Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cheap Treats

For many of us, and definitely for me, August has been a rather long 5 week month and treating myself to expensive new makeup purchases hasn’t exactly been top of my priority list! However, there is no getting away from the fact that a cheeky new lipstick can make a long day at work just a little bit better. I’ve put together a my favourite beauty buys under a tenner for small beauty indulgences that won’t break the bank but will still make you extremely happy.


I do love Sleek makeup, I think that the quality of their products far exceeds their price point (sshhh don’t tell them) and this palette has been a brilliant buy for me. An absolute bargain at £7.99, the shadows have an amazing colour pay-off and are all extremely wearable. I’ve swatched the black, as a solid black is the best indicator of a quality eyeshadow. These palettes also come in many other colour combinations for the more adventurous, but personally I don’t like straying too far from a brown smokey eye. I was seriously considering the Urban Decay Naked palette but to be honest this is a great cheap alternative. Only downside is that the packaging is a bit flimsy but I can overlook that for the price.

Black swatch

I have mentioned this on here before, but I still love it now a few months on so I thought it deserved a second mention. Brilliant quality for the price tag, its brightening, gives good coverage, and never goes dry around the eye area.

This one was a bit of a shocker for me to be honest. I found this simply because I am a little bit obsessed with peach lipstick. Not coral, oh no, but peach, that pale orangey shade which has proved very difficult to find. I had been lusting after Michavel by Kevyn Aucoin, but decided to go on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and I found this little gem for less than a fiver. It has a nice matte finish, good staying power and a great colour payoff.  I do however recommend using quite a bit of lipbalm on first to ensure it doesn’t dry your lips out.

Easy to smudge

This is a really great pencil, even for contact wearers. It’s soft enough to blend and waterproof, and is fairly smudge proof once it sets.  I'm loving brown rather than black at the moment, its a bit softer and great for daytime. 

I’m having a lipgloss revival at the moment, and these ones from Gosh are lovely. It was the only cheaper brand I could find to cater to my matte peach obsession. It does come in lots of other colours too though, don't worry. 

It's sugary AND salty! And if you have been embracing the matte lip trend this season, chances are you need a little bit of exfoliation as matte lipsticks, as I already mentioned, can be drying. Scrub it on and lick (or wipe) it off for smooth and nourished lips.

Seriously, this is the best liquid eyeliner that I have ever come across and a staple in my makeup bag for a few years now. The felt tip applicator is super easy to use, and extremely good for even the subtlest of lines and flicks. What's more, it never runs, and  the colour is a solid true black. Highly recommended.

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