Sunday, 9 March 2014

Get On My Face!

It's Sunday night, and after a weekend of fun and frolicking it's usually wise to invest in a good skincare regime to repair some of the damage that stress/drinking/pollution/the sun/chocolate has likely done to your skin.

I always start with a good detoxing mud mask, in the bath, if you have time. The heat opens up all your pores so the mud can really penetrate, to draw out toxins and bacteria. If not, I usually just put one on while I'm making dinner or doing uni work. Mud masks come in all varieties, I like to go for one with a mineral-rich volcanic or sea clay base to rejuvenate my skin as well as cleansing. For recommendations, I'd go to Lush if you're feeling thrifty and GlamGlow if you have a bit more of a budget, but both will leave your skin feeling soft soft soft and purified.

Post-mask, my favourite two products to use right now are both from Dr Sebagh, a high-performance skincare brand from the celebrated aesthetic surgeon. I start with the Serum Repair; a super-concentrated powerhouse of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and peptides. It instantly plumps, smooths and tightens your skin and makes you look incredibly fresh and well rested. This is great for all skin types as it's extremely rehydrating (who doesn't have dehydrated skin these days?) and more mature skins will feel the tightening effect instantly. This is also great before an event; for obvious reasons it's a lovely base for makeup.

After the serum, I spend a minute massaging the beautiful Rose de Vie Serum Delicat into my face and neck in place of a moisturiser. This serum is actually more an oil, and it's packed with environmental damage-fighting antioxidants. It's moisturising but non greasy, and although it's recommended more for dry/mature/sensitive skins, I find it actually works extremely well on my oily/combination skin if I use it as a rescue treatment now and again. This is also anti-ageing and beautifully soothing if you are prone to redness, rosacea or, in my case, sunburn. You can literally see the redness leaving your skin as you massage it in.

And so concludes my little skin detox. I'm not going to lie, my face feels pretty sweet right now.